MP Tulip 6 inch #8


  • Handmade in San Antonio, TX
  • Materials: concrete, pigment, sealer
  • Dimensions:
  • Outer 6.5W X 6H inch
    • Inner 5.875W X 5.625H inch
  • Drainage hole included
  • Water tray included
  • Plant not included
  • Colors: shades of blues and tahoe green


Additional Info

These pictures represent the exact item(s) that you are purchasing. Color may slightly differ from the pictures shown.  If you have any questions/concerns, please reach out.

Plant Pairing

We know that matching the perfect plant for your new planter can be challenging! We recommend a trailing plant or something that fill the container nicely for this piece! Try: a pothos, ivy, or a philodendron!

Shipping Details

Please note that these pieces are made to order and will take 4-5 days to ship.  Due to the nature of the craft, colors may slightly differ than the pictures and occasional bubbles may occur. This makes each piece truly unique and should be celebrated!

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