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Modernly Planted emboldens you to breathe life into your space through plants and artfully designed homewares. Inspired by nature, we create one-of-a-kind, hand-poured planters and home goods for the modern soul. It’s time to bring the outdoors in and create a colorful space you love to live in.


Step one
Mix all the things — concrete, pigment, water, and a whole lot of heart.

Step Two
Pour mixture into silicone mold.

Wash & Dry

Step Three
Wash, rinse, and repeat. Kidding — repeat steps one and two until all layers are poured.

Step Four
Allow the mix to dry in mold for 1-4 hours.


Step Five
De mold planter or homeware item.

Step Six
Let it cure for 24-48 hours (good things take time y’all).

prep your pot

Step Seven
For planters, drill drainage holes. No root rot here!

Step Eight
Sand any uneven spots or edges.

Final Touches

Step Seven
Stamp bottom with logo and seal. 

Step Eight
Send it to you!! Now it’s your turn to pot your favorite plant!

the maker behind

modernly planted

hey, there! I’m Lindsey. I’m the maker, visionary, and entrepreneur behind Modernly Planted. I’m a San Antonio girl who is here for the triple-digit heat and all the sunsets (preferably on or near a beach). This goes without saying, but…to say I’m plant obsessed feels like an understatement and it’s what led to me founding Modernly Planted in August 2020. Before there was Modernly Planted, I started a plants-tagram (@fancyplantschic) in 2019 dedicated to all things plants. It wasn’t too long after that I began Modernly Planted as a side hustle and began searching for the perfect, eclectic-but-modern pots.

That’s when I got the idea to start crafting my own –

One year later I stopped selling sourced products altogether and the Modernly Planted you know today was in full force. A few other things you should know about me? I’m a one cup of coffee a day kind of girl who actually prefers to make my coffee at home with a french press and a splash or two of half and half (no offense, Starbucks). When I’m not busy creating, heading to markets, or doing other business owner tasks I’m spending time with my husband and 4-year-old son who runs the show — after all, it’s his world and we’re just living in it. 

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